Decléor, Paris

Available at A Touch Above! The Revelation of Sublime Skin.

Decléor, Paris Face Cream

Founded over 20 years ago by a team of aromatherapy experts, Decléor has acquired remarkable knowledge of the plant realm by applying modern research techniques to essential oils to create a new Art of Beauty.

Filled with active agents, essential oils are made up of hundreds of molecules that act in synergy. These very powerful concentrates require a specialist's know-how in order to guarantee permanent quality control, ranging from the choice of the botanical species to ensuring the absolute purity of the essential oil, with all its molecules preserved.

At this point, the Decléor researchers' unique know-how comes into play: the art of measuring out and combining several essential oils so as to obtain the desired activity. This is how exceptional "made-to-measure" products with unrivalled performance came into being: Decléor AROMESSENCE™ Concentrates that are
100% pure
100% natural
100% active and preservative-free

Decléor also stands out by its holistic approach to beauty, perfectly demonstrated in the exclusive Beauty treatments available at Spas. This is the art and style of staying by the side of our customer for whom Beauty is synonymous with balance and well being.

We will do custom orders for any of our A Touch Above clients.

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