Tired of using a whole “team” of products to achieve that flawless look? Dermalogica’s Skinperfect Primer is an amazing all in one tool that can be used alone, or as an asset to your other favourites. This incredible primer evens skin tone, minimizes pores/fine lines, AND functions as a moisturizer (They call it “Skinperfect” for a reason!). The product works wonders on all skin types, but is ideal for mature or prematurely aging skin. Velvety silicones in this primer create an instantly smooth surface, while pearl powder and natural earth minerals provide a neutral tint to help balance tone and enhance luminosity.

P.S. For use under foundation, a little goes a very long way (Use sparingly to avoid a “cakey” finish).



SkinPerfect Primer SPF30

NOW ON SALE for $62 (regular price $71)