Men’s Pedicure

Not to worry you won’t be at the “station trough” with a bunch of strangers that want to “mingle” and “chit chat”. You will have the privacy of your own room so you can relax and read or take a nap. Goodtimes.

60 minutes

This is a full service pedicure that includes a foot soak, callous work to soften tough skin, nail trim, cuticle maintenance and massage. This is best left to the professionals not your wives/partners or girlfriends. This is what we do.

How about an upgrade?
Add the Dremel $5

The Dremel is the ultimate “sander” for your calloused feet.
Warning you may leave 2″ shorter!

90 minutes

This is geared towards the guys who need a more serious pedicure. Perfect for men who are literally on their feet all day and/or the extreme sports enthusiast. We combine the above pedi with power tools (the Dremel drill for the ultimate in callous take down), an added exfoliation scrub (feels amazing) and finish off with a warm wax paraffin dip to hydrate and protect your skin. This is truly a transformation!

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